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Kaala Presents: Slaughterhaus 3

10.23 (Tue) @ El Puente placeEuropean Grind Carnage Meets Japanese Freestyle Chaos General Admission Sale Finished
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Kaala Presents: Slaughterhaus 3

Feat. Inhumate (FR), Teethgrinder (NL), Self Deconstruction

  • 10.23 (Tue) DOOR: 19:00 START: 19:30 to 22:30
  • Metal / Grindcore / Hardcore / Death Metal
  • GrindcorePowerviolenceHardcoreDeath Metal
  • El Puente place
  • 西区西平沼町8-8 和幸ビルB1F

Kaala Presents: Slaughterhaus 3
10/23 at El Puente
Cost: 2,000 Yen + 1 Drink at the door(500 yen)
Open: 19:00
Start: 19:30

19:30 Self Deconstruction
20:10 Teethgrinder
21:05 Inhumate

Born in 1990 in North-Eastern France, INHUMATE was first conceived as a Death Metal band by founding members Fred (bass), Olivier (vocals), Stephane (drums), and David (guitar).
After a few years and a lineup change, however, the band shifted gears to high speed as they started to play faster and faster.
That new incarnation formed the basis of the sound we know today: fast and brutal Deathgrind!
The current lineup consists of the founding member Fred (bass), Christophe (vocals), Damien (guitar and vocals), and Yannick (drums).
The quartet delivers blistering blasts alongside brutal riffage while addressing the concepts of the abolition of time itself.
In the near 30 years INHUMATE has been active, they've toured and played all over the world including performing alongside CANNIBAL CORPSE, CRYPTOPSY, MALIGNANT TUMOUR, and UNHOLY GRAVE.
For the first time, they'll be playing in Japan this October!

Formed in 2013, Netherland's TEETHGRINDER has quickly become a heavy hitter in the European Extreme music scene.
Over the past 5 years, the quartet has released two full lengths ("Nihilism" and "Misanthrophy") and shared the stage with bands such as NAPALM DEATH, TERRORIZER, and ANAAL NATHRAKH.
Uncompromising in their ferocity, TEETHGRINDER bends genre boundaries by blending Grindcore with influences ranging from Hardcore to Black Metal.
Violent exhortations flow into earth shaking breakdowns. The rage at a world gone mad is palpable from the opening chords.
For the first time, TEETHGRINDER will be coming to Japan in October!

SELF DECONSTRUCTION has taken the world by storm with their chaotic blend of Powerviolence tinged Grindcore that borders on the boundaries of an improvised cacophony. Catchy hooks are teased just before blasting riffs are unleashed into the sound and fury of torrential typhoon while Kubine's ferocious vocalizations tear at the limits of human vocal chords. The listener is constantly kept on their toes as the ebbs and flows of their particular style of Grind shifts through the gears of their chaotic live performances. Their recent performance this year at Obscene Extreme Festival has all but cemented their place in the international underground scene. And they're only just getting started...

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