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This event was held on 2021.03.28 (Sun).

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Korona Nights Vol. 8
03.28 (Sun) ⇨ 04.11 (Sun) | Online Streaming

Korona Nights Vol. 8

End All x Baird Beer

  • date_range 03.28 (Sun) Open: 18:50 Start: 19:00 ⇨ 04.11 (Sun) 20:00
  • grade Metal, Thrash, Thrash Metal
  • Beer Party
Get ready to get sweaty with Kaala's Korona Nights

Good news! Tokyo's guzzlin' beer boys End All are here to inject yr ears with the most moshable thrash this side of Master of Puppets! Not only that, we've also partnered with Izu Peninsula's Baird Brewery to offer viewers a special 15% discount upon ticket purchase on 6-packs of their refreshingly high ABV craft beer, shipped chilled directly to your mouth!


70% of ticket sales and 10% of beer sales go to El Puente.


Beer purchases are not contingent on ticket purchases, however we encourage the pairing for maximum enjoyment. If you wish to only purchase a 6-pack, you can do so through the link below for the standard price of ¥4,000. If you make a ticket purchase, you will also receive a 15% discount code and the same link in a confirmation email.

We don't know about you, but thrash without beer just isn't thrash - come get some!


*Note* We are only able to ship beer inside Japan. Orders for outside of Japan cannot be completed.

嬉しいこと:東京のビールボーイズEnd AllのライブをKaalaが配信!







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